Space Invaders creator is actually bad at video games

Tomohiro Nishikad created Space Invaders by responding to people’s feedback not because he had a clue how to play it. He could barely get past the first level. That’s pretty darn impressive.


From the article:

But Space Invaders didn’t always generate favorable press. In Japan, soon after the game’s release, a twelve-year-old boy held up a bank with a shotgun. He didn’t want notes, he told the clerk, just coins. Under interrogation, he admitted that he wanted the money to play Space Invaders. In England, in November, 1981, a fourteen-year-old schoolboy prostituted himself in a parking lot for two pounds. This was enough, he later quantified, for ten games of Space Invaders. Police in the South of England dubiously claimed that the Space Invaders obsession had “doubled housebreaking figures,” while the Labour M.P. George Foulkes, fearing for the “glazed eyes” of youngsters, lobbied to subject the game to local authority regulation in Parliament. The novelist Martin Amis wrote, in his 1982 ode “Invasion of the Space Invaders,” of a young actress he knew with injuries sustained in the arcade so severe that her index finger “looked like a piece of liver.”

Read more New Yorker


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