Broken Age

I was reading an article completely unrelated to art and it had an image from the game ‘Broken Age.’ I quickly had to research the game, investigate, gather intel and share it with everybody.

This game was a kickstarter campaign that was extremely successful. The game is developed by Double Fine Studios in San Francisco. I’ve included some beautiful art and a trailer video. :D






  1. This game seems really interesting, like it has a deeper meaning. There were two things that came to my mind while watching this:

    Who is the boy on the other side of the ” mirror ” in the beginning?
    Why would her mother stand her in front of that monster, and even if it wasn’t her choice why was she smiling and laughing with the others?

    Hmm.. looks very interesting.. do you mind if I do my own research? ^-^

      1. :D Yay. Thanks, for showing me this game. It seems I’ve always had a liking of games with a much deeper meaning than they appear to have. So thank you. Oh I posted my picture of BMO, so could ya check it out? ^-^

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