Daily Painting No. 91 – Genuine Wyrm (Finished)


dragon wyrm can of worm can of wyrms

Yay! I finally finished this painting! I learn allot about balancing the color, and taking a still life study and upgrading it to a finished illustration that uses elements from my imagination. A triad color scheme was used for this. I am very happy with how the dragon came out. The part of the painting I had the most trouble was with the lid, oddly enough. rendering the dragon and the jar was a blast. If your wondering what ‘wyrm’ means, it is a old English word for dragon. I have a cropped version as well.  I felt previous versions had too much open unactivated space. However I kept both versions because I couldn’t make up my mind. The other version is here http://maugryph.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/still-life-dragon-toy-stuck-in-jar-9-crop-test.jpg Which version of this painting do you like better? What do you think of this painting? Painted from scratch using Photoshop and a drawing tablet. 10…

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