Benjamin Güdel’s Google Street View road trip sketchbook project

Benjamin travels through Europe via google street view and sketches his findings.

He also provides links to the google street view images. Exploring the places he sketched so far is so fascinating.

From Benjamin’s facebook profile: “No money for a flight ticket, too lazy to pack your bags?
No problem: Stay on your comfortable couch and click the road, Jack. And, as every relevant artist, don’t forget your sketchbook: you won’t get bored and will show what a widely travelled person you are.
So: here are the impressions of my European Tour 2014…”

Güdel2In the Roma neighbourhood Pobeda mothers sit on the street and exchange the latest gossip. Together they have eleven children and two grandchildren. The whole bunch is playing two blocks down the road.


Güdel3Just arrived in Burgas, Bulgaria. Granddad on the main road is in a hurry. He found a usable carpet at the fleemarket and rides home, while his nephew eagerly awaits his bike.


Güdel7There are very few new buildings. Here is one in Malevo. But somehow the donkey destroys the glamour.


You can follow his progress on facebook:


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